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Year 4 Class

Welcome to Year 4!smiley


Mrs Hayer - Class Teacher

Mrs Grierson - Classroom Assistant


Manraj Kalsi Traditional Indian drumming session 


It was amazing to have Manraj Kalsi in school today.  He brought along his tabla and dhol, and his performance was truly captivating.  The sound of the dhol was particularly loud and vibrant, filling the school field with its powerful beats.  We even had the opportunity to join in and play a short tune with him, which was incredibly fun and a memorable experience.  Overall, it was a fantastic visit that gave us a deeper appreciation for these traditional instruments and their rich cultural significance.

Celebrating the Day of the African Child with One World Link.


We had the incredible day taking part in the day of the African Child with our link school in Bo,Sierra Leone and fourteen other local primary schools.The day was filled with enriching activities that highlighted the vibrant culture and important messages of unity and rights. Here’s a glimpse of what we did:

  • African drumming and dancing: we immersed ourselves in the rhythms and movements of traditional African music and dance, celebrating the rich, cultural heritage of Sierra Leone
  • Storytelling and drama: we listened and performed the stories of Ananse - the African spider.

The day culminated in a significant moment where we met with MP Matt, Weston. We presented him with the letters, advocating for the right of every child receive an education, regardless of the circumstances. It was a powerful way to emphasise the education is a universal right, and to seek support for this important cause.


Vocation Day


We had artists, rescue zoo keepers, singers, footballers, a dentist, a botanist, an editor,  a photographer, a fashion designer, a lifeguard and an actress.  Well done Year 4 great costumes and great vocations!

The Big Sing


Year 4,5 and 6 had an amazing time singing, dancing and listening to the wonderful live band that accompanied the singers during the Big Sing singalong.  We all sang our hearts out and performed amazingly.  Well done Year 4!

A celebration of the birthday of the church. 

On Friday 17th May, we joyously celebrated Pentecost, the birthday of the Church.  We dressed up in our party clothes and played various party games.  We played classic games like, musical chairs, pin the tail on the bunny and musical bumps. The day was filled with fun and excitement.

The Crowning of Mary

On Thursday 16th May, we had a special celebration; The Crowning of Mary. Each class created different types of flowers for the occasion. In year 4, we sketched violets and pansies using our shading techniques and crafted a beautiful necklace to adorn Mary. We finished the day with a special assembly.

Running together for Mission Together 


On Wednesday 20th March our enthusiastic Chaplaincy Team led our Lenten fundraiser for Mission Together.  We had fun running around the school playground and encouraging each other to run that extra mile!  We raised an amazing £1000 to support children in Chennai, India, to access education safely. Well done everyone!


Roll Back the Stone

On Tuesday 19th March, Year 3 and 4 wowed audiences with a poignant but spectacular production of Roll Back the Stone.  The story follows the events of Holy Week, from the parade of Jesus on Palm Sunday, the Last Supper and his subsequent trial and crucifixion, through to Easter Sunday and the discovery of the empty tomb.

The children told the emotional story through narration, acting and singing, with very powerful solos from Year 4.  We all thoroughly enjoyed watching the story unfold, well done everybody.

British Science Week - ThinkTank Science Museum Visit


As part of British Science Week the whole school took a day trip out to the Birmingham Think Tank, for a day of scientific wonder!  The children delved into interactive science exhibits, with the science garden proving a particular delight.  Our journey culminated in an electrifying presentation in the theatre, where sparks of curiosity ignited minds about the fascinating world of electricity.

Orchestra of the Swan visit

Year 4 enjoyed the visit from the Orchestra of the Swan, we had a lovely afternoon listening to the different instruments and singing together. Warwick really is a singing town!

Year 4 had an inspirational day when our visiting author came to visit.  Gareth P Jones, spent time answering some of our questions, reading his latest book and singing us some of his songs.  

World Book Day


Well done Year 4 for lots of fabulous costumes inspired by some of your favourite books.

Ancient Day


In Year 4, we took part in an Ancient Day, focusing around our class topic of the Ancient Egyptians. We had a great day, we even had some Pharaohs join us for the day. 

We designed and made Canopic Jars, which were used during the mummification process that the Egyptians carried out to honour their Pharaohs! We also created our own Egyptian Collars and tasted some Egyptian cuisine. 


We had a fantastic day and we are all Ancient Egyptian experts now!!

Ancient Day